Physics Formula List

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 A Book with List  A-to-Z Physics Formulas. From Motion, Gravitaion, Pulleys, Vector Laws, Energy and Lots more. A Valuable and concise information for Students upto Class 12.


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Open House IIT Delhi 2009 - Trip to IIT Delhi

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IIT Delhi - Indian Institute of TechnologyIt was not so busy at Huaz Khas in the morning. We started from D.A.V. School, Gurgaon at 8:00 AM and reached IIT-DELHI at about 9:00 AM. It was not so happening inside the bus, Until our bus entered the Main Gate.
  Every student had his/her own purpose of this visit to IIT-D. Many of students were wishing to learn from the IITian, How actually they cleared the JEE and take some tips as they will be one sitting for exams next year. Well there was going to be an entire Counseling Session for this, but we had to return earlier. I had been there to see the projects and research works that were exhibited there for us and write this article for you all.Dogra Hall

Five Point Someone - Chetan Bhagat

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Five Point Someone
A Novel by Chetan Bhagat

So IIT scholars proved one more point; these guys in addition to being cerebral and earning millions in the US or Hong Kong can write novels also! Chetan Bhagat, an alumni of Delhi IIT had successfully churned out a quite an engaging novel ‘Five Point Someone’. The ambience is IIT campus of Delhi with three ‘bright’ guys who enter the most prestigious institution to found actually they are not that ‘bright’ to be the front liners. So they secure the GPA five points something, which are pretty low. But the narrator Hari, his friends Ryan and Alok try their luck to improve their grade in different ways only to end up every time in a mess.

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IIT grads refine School education

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