BING : Another ball for Google to bat, But Google hits a SIX

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Bing Microsoft search engine a review by - Creative Teens Club.orgSo, Bing, earlier known as the Kumo is finally here. Announced at the recently concluded D: All Things Digital conference, the Bing is Microsoft's first dedicated attempt to challenge Google's domination in the search arena. And prima facie, it seems to be a very good attempt indeed if we are to go by the worldwide reviews received soon after launch. Bing is all set to replace Windows Live Search and will be fully operational, starting Wednesday - although it's available in most countries now.


Cuil - the Biggest Search Engine

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Bigger and better than GOOGLE, may be its Here

 Cuil , Biggest Search Engine on Earth

MENLO PARK, Calif.—July 28, 2008—Cuil (pronounced as COOL), a technology company pioneering a new approach to search, unveils its innovative search offering, which combines the biggest Web index with content-based relevance methods, results organized by ideas, and complete user privacy. Cuil ( has indexed 120 billion Web pages, three times more than any other search engine.

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Download Firefox

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To correctly view you need to download FIREFOX. Firefox is Faster and Safer than Internet Explorer. No POP-UPs, No Trojan Horses, No Virus downloads while surfing net.

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Blogs take Web diaries to the next level !!

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As Posted in CNN News Sci-Tech

May 10, 2002 Posted: 4:18 PM EDT (2018 GMT)

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IIT grads refine School education

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